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Here at Go Hansel, we believe that it’s important to support local businesses, which is why we are a member of the Shop Local, Go Local program here in Sonoma County. It is proven that the more economic self-reliance a community achieves the greater the economic health for them. Sonoma Go Local Cooperative works to increase the market share of locally owned businesses. The Go Local team works daily to reclaim Sonoma County’s economic power and create an overall better quality of life.

Reasons to Buy Local

There are a number of reasons why it’s a good reason to buy local, but here a few that we’ve compiled.

  1. Product Diversity: Small businesses are able to operate on local needs and their interests instead of being based on a national sales plan. This guarantees a broader range of product choices
  2. Competition: When there are tens of thousands of small businesses, competition will grow and promote innovation and low prices.
  3. Environmental Sustainability: Local stores help to sustain areas with many local business near each other, which helps prevent habitat loss and air and water pollution because people are more likely to park and walk to various locations.
  4. Jobs and Wages: Locally owned businesses help create more jobs locally and can often provide better wages and benefits than other businesses.

Shop Local at Hansel Auto Group!

Here at Hansel Auto Group, we understand that importance of going local and supporting locally owned businesses and we hope you feel the same. Visit one of our nine locations in the Petaluma/Santa Rosa area for all your automotive needs. We can help you find your next vehicle or our service departments can help keep your vehicles running at their best. Call or visit us today for more information.